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About me

2016-09-18 12:56:42 by Eliel-Micmas

Eliel Micmás Sales de Castro | Male | 17 | Heterosexual (and taken :3)

I’m a independent visual artist and writer, currently living in Campina Grande, Brazil. The act of creating has been my passion since my childhood years, and it evolved into a love for both drawing and writing.


My artistical foci are concept art, illustration, narrative writing and freeform poetry. I also dabble with graphic design occasionally. I’m eclectic when it comes to genres, but I have a tendency towards fantasy.

When drawing, I work with traditional media and tools - mainly fineliner pens, graphite and colored pencils on paper. Photoshop is my favored digital tool for final adjustments, and InDesign when working with graphic design.


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2016-09-19 10:23:29

Hey there Eliel! Welcome to NG!